The 7th International Cancer Vaccine Symposium
"Renaissance of Cancer Immunotherapy"

September 9-11, 2012

Organized by Olivera Finn and Gerold Schuler
Sponsored by Hasumi International Research Foundation

Dear Colleagues,

With great anticipation of an exciting scientific and social experience, we would like to invite you to the 7th International Hasumi Cancer Vaccine Symposium "Renaissance of Immunotherapy," to be held September 9-11, 2012, in the exciting Renaissance capitol, Florence, Italy. This latest gathering follows highly successful previous symposia in Tokyo (2001), Beijing (2003), London (2004), Washington DC (2006), Vienna (2007) and New York (2008). By assembling at regular intervals the best-recognized experts in cancer vaccines and immunotherapy, these symposia have served to monitor progress as well as to encourage timely transfer of information between the participants to speed up progress through collaboration. Like the previous meetings, the 7th International Cancer Vaccine Symposium will cover the latest progress in basic immunology research and its translation to the cancer patient. We will celebrate the successes that have led in the last year to the approval of new immunotherapies and awarding of the Nobel Prize in Medicine to three immunologists whose work has a direct relevance to cancer immunotherapy and cancer vaccines. We are dedicating this 7th Symposium to one of these Nobel Laureates, Dr. Ralph Steinman, a discoverer of dendritic cells, a regular participant in the Hasumi Symposia, who was dedicated to the goal of applying his discoveries and his knowledge to improving human health, including improving cancer immunotherapy.

Olivera (Olja) Finn and Gerold Schuler
Conference Organizers

James Allison, Jacques Banchereau, Nina Bhardwaj, Duccio Cavalieri,
Esteban Celis, Martin Cheever, Pierre Coulie, Olivera Finn (Chair),
Dmitry Gabrilovich, Jerome Galon , Kenichiro Hasumi, Elizabeth Jaffee,
Yutaka Kawakami, Guido Kroemer, Hy Levitsky, Dean Mann, Francesco Marincola,
Cornelius Melief, Ira Mellman, Pamela Ohashi, Hideho Okada,
Giorgio Parmiani, Rino Rapuoli, Paola Ricciardi-Castagnoli, Sergio Romagnani,
Robert Schreiber, Gerold Schuler (Co-Chair), Rafick-Pierre Sekaly,
Georg Stingl, Maurizio Zanetti, Laurence Zitvogel

Sponsored by Hasumi International Research Foundation
Under the patronage of The Italian Network for Bio-Immunotherapy of Cancer

(including Coffee Break/Lunch)

September 9
  18:00Opening Ceremony
Kenichiro Hasumi and Gerold Schuler Opening Remarks
Olivera Finn Speaker Introduction
Rino Rappuoli Keynote Address: "Developing Vaccines in the 21st Century"
  Dinner on your own

September 10
  08:30Session 1: Tumor Microenvironment and Anti-Tumor Immunity
Introduction: Ira Mellman Session chair
Robert Schreiber "Cancer Immunoediting: antigens, mechanisms and implications to cancer immunotherapy"
Maurizio Zanetti "Cell-Extrinsic Effects of the Tumor UPR on Myeloid and T cells"
Dmitry Gabrilovich "Regulation of Immune Responses in Cancer Patients by Inhibition of Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cells"
Jerome Galon The Immunoscore: Novel Approach for the Classification of Cancer in the Era of Immunotherapies"
  10:30Coffee break
  11:00Session 2: Cell-based Anti-Cancer Vaccines
Introduction: Dean Mann Session chair
Elizabeth Jaffee "Fatal Attraction: A New Story Featuring the Immune System and Pancreatic Cancer"
Hideho Okada "Brain Tumor Immunotherapy-Hopes and Challenges"
Jacques Banchereau "Human Dendritic Cells Subsets as Targets and Vectors for Therapy"
Nina Bardwaj "Dendritic Cell Targeted Immune Therapy in Cancer"
  14:00Session 3: Peptide-based Anti-Cancer Vaccines
Introduction: George Stingl Session chair
Esteban Celis "Peptide Reengineering Strategies to Develop More Effective Cancer Vaccines"
Pamela Ohashi "Promoting CD8 Tissue Specific Anti-Tumor Responses"
Cornelius Melief "Immunotherapy of Established Disease Caused by High Risk Human Papilloma Virus"
Olivera Finn "Abnormal Self Antigen Vaccines for Prevention of Non-Viral Cancers"
  16:30Session 4: Understanding and Enhancing Spontaneous Anti-Tumor Immunity
Introduction: Guido Kroemer Session chair
Laurence Zitvogel "Type 1 IFNs in the Immunogenicity of Cell Death"
Hy Levitsky "Targeted Modulation of the Tumor Microenvironment"
Pierre Coulie "Lymphocytes inside melanoma metastases."
Sergio Romagnani "Main Features of Human T Helper 17 Cells"

September 11
  08:30Session 5: Anti-Tumor Immunity through the Lens of Systems Biology
Introduction: Jacques Banchereau Session chair
Duccio Cavalieri "Systems Biology Approaches to Improve Dendritic Cells Based Immunotherapy"
Paola Ricciardi-Castagnoli "In silico modeling and simulation of cancer cell dissemination and metastasis"
Francesco Marincola "Common Pathways to (Tumor) Rejection"
Rafic-Piere Sekaly "PD-1: Parallels in Cancer and HIV"
  10:30Coffee break
  11:00Session 6: Progress on the Path to Translation to the Clinic
Introduction: Gerold Schuler Session chair
James Allison "Immune Checkpoint Blockade in Cancer Therapy: New Insights and Opportunities"
Kenichiro Hasumi "Intra-tumoral injection of dendritic cells induces specific killer T-cell activity"
Martin Cheever "Prioritization of Immunotherapy Opportunities and the Cancer Immunotherapy Trials Network (CITN)"
Yutaka Kawakami "Reversal of Multiple Cancer Induced Immunosuppressive Cascades by Molecular Targeted Therapy for Effective Immunotherapy"
  13:00Concluding Remarks: Giorgio Parmiani
  13:30Farewell Lunch

General Information

Title: The 7th International Cancer Vaccine Symposium
Date: September 9-11, 2012
Venue: Convitto Della Calza
Piazza Della Calza, 6
50125, Firenze, Italia
Tel +39 055.222287
Fax +39 055.223912
Registration Fee:
US$200 online, by September 8th
(US$100 for Student)
Poster Presentation:
Abstract submission required. Please submit the PDF version to:
Selected abstracts to be posted.

Minoru Komura
Managing Director
Hasumi International Research Foundation